Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah

the empire strikes back…



Dear visitor,

JazakallahKhair for taking the time to visit our weblog. You may browse through the following links if you’re in pursuit of Islamic knowledge or, maybe, you are just a bit bored. Here they are – in no particular order:

1) www.thesunnah.wordpress.com — You might be wondering and now saying to yourself, “uh…are you an idiot for posting this even though I’m already on the very same blog”? The simple reason for this is that I only wanted to emphasize this weblog. Perhaps when I have more visitors than simply myself stopping by — i may change this. Anyway, come to this weblog if you are interested in viewing the commentary of a raging fundamentalist (or something like that) — and feel free to check out some articles that may be of benefit….i guess.


Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah…the empire strikes back


2) www.alhuda.org — website of Al-Huda School (*Please Note: Al-Huda School is in no way responsible for the content of this weblog. Al-Huda School maintains no affiliation (by contract or otherwise) with the editor of this weblog. All content (commentary, articles, books, etc) are the sole responsibility of the editor and creator of this weblog. All statements made by the editor of this weblog — or its visitors — are made without the prior consent of Al-Huda School & Dar us Salaam, Inc.)……There!…..i just had to mention that….so don’t coming crying to me with anything!

3boys.jpg 3431.jpg


3) www.aliasad.org — (Ali Asad Support Committee) Please visit the site and support Brother Ali Asad Chandia!


4) www.islamalways.com — Priests & Preachers become Muslim! Website of Sh. Yusuf Estes – Dawah, plain & simple!


5) www.islaam.com — trustworthy. reliable. doctor recommended. Just check it out already!


6) www.islamtoday.com — website of Sh. Salman al Oadah. Interesting…very interesting, indeed. The story behind this site is kind of interesting…okay…it isn’t but I’ll GIVE IT anyway. Once upon a time…in a land far, far away…the representatives of Sh. Salman approached Yusuf Estes in order to purchase his the website “islamtoday” — which was then under the direct ownership of Sh. Yusuf. Long story short…Shiekh Yusuf told me that Sh. Salman’s peeps compensated him well for the purchase of the site and the rest is history. A calculated move by both parties, inshallah. Salman al Oadah made quite a strategic buy, inshallah, because “islamtoday” as a name has quite a bit of resonance online.


7) www.binbaz.org.sa — website of Sh. bin Baz…….need i say more? 6666666666666.jpg

8) www.binothaimeen.com — website of Sh. ibn Uthaymeen 5555555555555555555.jpg

9) www.islamworld.net — lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of stuff to check out 8) kaaba.gif

10) www.islamway.com — articles, lectures, Quraan, what more can you ask for?!?!?


Your Brother In Islam,

Abu Ameerah


13 Responses to “Links”

  1. True Life said


    Jazak’Allah khairan for this great Blog, brother.
    Can you take a look at mine? And maybe add it to your Blogroll as well… of course only if you think it’s worth it.

    Was Salam

  2. As’Salaamu Alaikum…

    “Can you take a look at mine?”

    –Certainly, Inshallah! 8)

  3. 2jay said

    I think your blog is good. I like this ‘BOOKS’ page. I hope you do mind that I add this blog of yours in my blogroll for my young readers (MyChildren MyStudents) to browse.

  4. 2jay said

    Sorry correction: I like this ‘Links’ page. 🙂

  5. thanks for the kind comments 2JAY …

  6. amad said

    i can’t believe it… i am going to have a nervous breakdown ….

    Muslimmatters is no where on your blog… links or blogroll **sobs heavily*

    so, wassup with that? u wanna get outlandish to do a little rap tune for the addition?


  7. inshallah i will check out your site in details.

  8. Ibn Shahid said

    As salaamu ‘alaykum

    http://www.sahab.net is also another very beneficial site in Arabic.

    You can also add http://www.muqbel.net for your scholars section.

    Barak Allahu feekum.

  9. @ Ibn Shahid:

    Wa’Alaikumus Salaam Wa’Rahmatullah!

    Thanks for links. However, since I am not a Madkhalee, I think I’ll have to take a pass on adding them.


    Abu Ameerah

  10. Abu Mus'ab said

    Salaamualaykum Brother Abu Ameerah,

    This is a change of address application 😀

    My previous address (included under ‘Blogs’ was itsislam.blogspot.com)

    I will now be posting at http://www.IslamBlog.org Insha’Allah

    Please update the link on your page. Jazakallah

    Abu Mus’ab

  11. @ Abu Mus’ab:

    Wa’Alaikumus Salaam

    consider it done…

  12. ajdin said

    i dont have website but i just wanna say that YUSUF ESTAZ ITS A GREAT MAN..IM ORIGIANLY FROM BOSNIA 25 years old , AND I watch hes show on peacetv.com and im really REALLY amazed by him…great job yusuf…. u got support from people of bosnia (:

  13. the anti saudi taghout said

    do the saudi salafi murji’ah call themselves ahlu sunnah wal jama’ah now? may Allah protect His deen and the mujahideen and may He destroy the ennemies of islam the crusaders the jews and thier dogs the talafiya.

    ameen wa Rabb

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