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the empire strikes back…




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Dear visitor,

This weblog is the humble attempt, of an internet novice, to educate and inform — with a bit of commentary and a little food for thought. The inspiration for this weblog arose out of my desire to set the record stratight, so to speak, about key issues of the day — particularly those issues that deal with Islam/Muslims and the broader Middle East.

Actually, the real inspiration for this blog came from the many pundits, talking-heads, kings-of-spin, so-called Islam experts, and politicians (like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich who recently said that Islamic law mandated “honor killings”– it important to note is that in the same speech he put all of this Islamophobic nonsense in the context of the broader “war on terror”) who have been spreading their anti-Islamic vitriol for quite some time now.

After having seen such repeated lies and distortion about Islam over the last six years or so — I decided that silence is complicity and that as long as I allow the lies of the liars and the falsehood of these charlatans to carry the day — then I may as well be complicit in their sins. Now, more than ever, Muslims cannot afford the luxury of silence. Silence, in and of itself, is an act of self sabotage. In order to make dawah to Muslims and Non-Muslims about Islam — we must also expose the liars who attempt to tarnish the religion of Islam and sunnah of it’s Messenger (sallahu alayhi wa’salaam).

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18 Responses to “About”

  1. abu abdullah said

    assalamu alaikum,

    I used to teach at al-huda school. I would love to talk to the new brothers there.

    assalamu alaikum

  2. As’Salaamu Alaikum…

    lol…you know me akhi…we spoke like two or three weeks ago…

  3. myanger said

    Congratulations on your brave attempt.May Allah Almighty continue to guide us all to the truth and to see it as it is.
    Allah’s will in unfolding.

  4. Ameen!

  5. Hi
    If we are talking (between and among cultures) then it is less likely men with guns can convince us to hare each other. All those talking heads are really media filters that are used to frame issues in ways the ruling elites know will influence people to their ends(the ruling elites)

    And here I am talking about Western democracies!! The biggest challeng in Canada is to just get people to pay attention to what is being done in their(our) names.

    I am a member of a local peace group oppossing Canada’s military participation in Afghanistan I am at university where I have met many international students and clearly we can all relate to each other across our differences – if we see through the media filters. Your site is an attempt to change the framing of the message and with my site I am attempting to do the same.

    I will check back often for more real news and information from your site.

    Also there is a real movement in the US seeking the impeachment of Bush and/or Cheney. There was a day of action and that picture was an example – a day of action to spell out the word all over the US – it may seem funny, but people have to be creative to get the attention of the masses. we are simply overwhelmed by media messages of all types and people seem to have trouble deciding which message is more important than another. à

    That may sound incredible to you, however we have created this media monstrosity and it will be up to all of us around the world to get control of it so messages are properly framed……


  6. @ Paul:

    Thanks for the comment!

  7. amad said

    The man, you are.


  8. misanthropicwahhabi said

    Yoooooou da man 😉

  9. Ferozkhanhamid said

    Ya i was 15. Now i am 16. Sure u can add me to your blogroll ! Thanks for the comment.

  10. Ferozkhanhamid said

    IF u like my site, use the link on the d=first post to sign up for depositfiles. It is a good service.

  11. americanmuslim said

    I like your about us. You are correct, in that Muslims need to be active in every aspect of Media, including blogs, to spread truth and positivity as apposed to the hatred seen in other blogs.

  12. daredevil92103 said

    an honorable mission.
    i agree, that if muslims don’t try to correct this image, it will only get worse. i live in a small town, and i know of one man, he wears the muslim hat thing (sorry, i forget what it is called) and i admire him. just because i put myself in his situation, and it would take a true man of god to do that where i live. not that muslim hatred is bad here, but people are very judgmental. i say hello and try to talk to him, but i get judged by my tattoos, i dont look nice. he says hi, but kind of just goes on his way. i’m rambling again. sorry man.

  13. Masha’Allah, terrific blog bro, masha’Allah, its really awesome…btw, do i know you from almaghrib classes in college park?? i used to be in bmore

  14. @ Coolguymuslim:

    thanks for the kind comments. i am no stranger in College Park … but I never took al Maghrib classes at Al Huda/Dar us Salaam. I only took ’em in Fairfax (GMU). If you have ever prayed Jumuah at Dar us Salaam — then you might have seen me around.

  15. @ Daredevil92103:

    “…but i get judged by my tattoos…”

    I can see how that might be a problem. Perhaps the guy is not used to seeing tattoos … or he might simply feel intimidated (if he is indeed is being judgemental).

  16. daredevil92103 said

    i think he is just a little shy, he always waves to me. i don’t think he’s judgemental. seems like a very Godly man.

  17. Kris said

    A true Christian:
    (1) does not believe in the Trinity;
    (2) follows the commands of Christ, including “love your enemies”;
    (3) does not join or support the military – yet will not subvert the military, either;
    (4) does not vote because “man has dominated man to his injury” and because his king, Jesus, is already in place;
    (5) use’s God’s personal name;
    (6) values the Hebrew and Greek scriptures;
    (7) will not kill, even in self-defense;
    (8) is hated by the world because a true Christian is not part of this world;
    (9) knows that the Jews were once God’s people, until they chose to turn away from Him – so the land that God gave them, no longer belongs to them, so today there is no so-called Holy Land belonging to “God’s people”;
    (10) would never kill or disrespect a Muslim, even if that Muslim happened to be Osama bin Laden.

    Think of all the leaders, such as George Bush, who claim to be Christian.

    Think of all the people you know who claim to be Christian.

    Think of the US soldiers with their crosses, Bibles and chaplains. (By the way, true Christians are commanded not to worship with images, idols, objects, or chanting.)

    Challenge these people who call themselve Christians. Challenge them to read their Bibles! Anyone who does not practice these basic, Bible-based principles is not a true Christian.

    Why am I writing this? To set the record the straight about a faith that has been maligned and used by many for personal, political and financial gain. This faith was not maligned by Muslims, Jews, Hindus or even atheists. In fact, people of these faiths have attempted to hold so-called Christians accountable for their actions! (Think of the Crusades.) It is “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who infiltrated Christ’s congregation around 100 A.D. who started it – and people such as Billy Graham and George Bush (and millions more) who continue it.

  18. Palwaan said

    Nice blog and some very interesting thoughts there.

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