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an anniversary, of sorts…

Posted by abu ameerah on Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Howdy ya’ll! I hope everyone is having an absolutely splendid Ramadan…

Synkronyzer (aka Imam Abdul Rahman Chao) takes an interesting look at the Magna Carta Unity Based on Renewal and Guidance…one year on.

Since we are in the blessed month of Ramadan, I’ll hold back my critiques of this “pledge” – but I do intend on expanding upon it soon, Allah willing. Needless to say, Synkronyzer takes a truly fair and balanced approach in his commentary on this Unity pledge. For those who are concerned … don’t worry! There will be plenty of “gyrating hips” and establishment of the “Haaaaq” (pronounced HA-cK) to look forward to in his commentary.

Anyway here is just a taste that I felt encapsulated the entire post (yep … I’m giving you a taste like a dealer around the corner so that you’ll get hooked):

“If unity is the true issue, then let’s have all the signatories come up with concrete steps. The longer this drags on the more people are going to view that this pledge is a blank check to legitimize opposing views which is not the point of this pledge. We should treat the problems that Muslims are facing and not mumble over it and watch immature groupies scream at each other defending the honor of this teacher at this institute or another.”

Synkronyzer, Did you ever know that your my hero? … Everything I would like to be? I could flyyyyyyy higher than an eagle … because you are the wind beneath my wings!

(Caution: the video above is blatantly haraam. please feel free to throw me off the manhaj now!)


4 Responses to “an anniversary, of sorts…”

  1. zfnd said


  2. I cant believe I watched that video… My eyes are melting..

  3. MR said

    I didn’t get to read the post. It’s PW protected. I asked Imam Chao for it, inshaAllah I hope he gives it to me.

    I posted this thread as my walking the walk as a supporter of the pledge:

  4. @ MR:

    A few things:

    1. Why are you visiting & commenting on this blog? Seriously? No…seriously? I think that your commenting on this blog actually hurts your credibility as a “moderate” Muslim. It’s kind of like the guilt by association hullabaloo that some Conservatives made between President-Elect Sheikh Barack Hussein Obama and Bill Ayers. In this case MR, you would President-Elect Obama and I would be Bill Ayers (only I’m not a college professor and neither do I wear earrings).

    2. Why are you posting links? Is it because you know how much I LUV people who post links?

    3. The Unity Pledge is a piece of crap. You don’t have to pretend to care about Al Maghrib (The Western Institute) in order to be a pledge supporter. In order to be a bona fide pledge supporter one only needs to posses the following: a heartbeat and an IQ of 30. However, I think the main architects of the unity pledge have met and are now willing to accept supporters with even lower IQ’s, inshallah.

    4. There is a reason why Imam Chao’s post on the Unity Pledge is Password protected. Just think about it for moment.

    5. I like Cheetos..

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