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the empire strikes back…

been a while…

Posted by abu ameerah on Monday, June 16, 2008

What up Ah-Kees and Ah-Kettes?! What the dilly yo’? Whats the word on the street (or the masjid)? How ya’ll livin’? Whuts good ya’ll? What’s poppin‘? What’s crack-a-lackin’? (don’t worry … its out of my system now)

Well, it appears that I’ve been away for a while. Yep. I know. The two of you who actually bother to visit this pathetic-excuse-for-a-blog might have actually noticed. The rest of you likely don’t care – and I don’t blame you one bit! To put it in a nutshell … this blog sucks. I really mean that. I hate it. Sometimes I hate this blog with a passion. Actually, I’ve even come to hate blogging and bloggers to be quite honest.

As far as this steaming piece-o-crap blog is concerned … I suppose that I have simply lost focus and direction. Blogging no longer means what it once did for me (at least I think it meant something). I actually used it as a release mechanism of sorts – an eOutlet if you will. I think I began blogging either because I felt that I actually had an opinion that mattered (I was obviously way off the mark on that), or perhaps that I could actually “make a difference” (what a bunch of pie in the sky BS that was), or I simply could have been bored (and therefore lacked anything else better to do … yes … I am aware that makes me a loser).

I don’t know if I want to blog anymore. Seriously, what’s the point? There are simply too many damn bloggers out there – especially in the Muslim blogosphere – and I jumped on the bandwagon too damn late. My sheer laziness is also a likely reason why I am not actively blogging at the moment. When I commit to something I usually go all our … or I just give up (which is often the case). I’m an all or nothing kinda guy I suppose.

What has really perturbed me as of late is my disappointment and disgust toward the entire damn Muslim blogosphere. Yep, you read that correctly. The entire damn Muslim blogosphere (with the exception of a couple of you out there – and you know who you are)! There is a profound and overwhelming ignorance about our Deen that has become a reality and has exploded onto the internet. When takes a moment to consider the impact of the digital revolution – the blog (and the net in general) has become the new battle ground.  Or maybe it’s no longer new.

Muslims seem to care more about slogans and senseless campaigns these days – rather than dealing with issues of any substance. I recently came across such nonsense in the form of a misguided campaign titled “Wear Your Keffiyah Day” that intended to send some kind of message to Dunkin Donuts for its corporate decision to pull an ad with Rachel Ray. In the advertisement, Ray wore what appeared to be an Arab head scarf (Keffiyah or Kuffiyah) and far right-wing bloggers took notice.

What the hell? Are you sh**ing me? Are you people really being serious with this stick-it-to-the-man kinda crap? Frankly, I’d still rather put my support behind Dunkin Donuts instead of this ridiculous campaign.  If this is the kind of mindless drivel that we are going to promote on the Muslim blogosphere…then I want no part of it!  At least Dunkin Donuts provides society with a real service in the form of DONUTS!   You campaign organizers can keep your nationalism and cultural mumbo-jumbo to your damn selves! 

So that is where I am at the moment.  Disgusted with everything.

yep.  disgusted.  that’s about it.


still disgusted…

p.s.    I forgot to mention that my disgust also includes the following:  self proclaimed “moderate” Muslims, Innovators of any description, Sufis, Shia, Hamzah Yusuf Hanson, Nuh Keller, the whole Zaytuna gang, Habib Ali Jiffri, Yusuf “the Cat” Stevens, nationalistic Muslims, Ikhwaanees, Neo-Salafees (Madakhilaah – SPUBS/TROID), secular Muslims (whatever the hell that means), media whores, MAS, ISNA, ICNA, Dar al Hijrah, ADAMS,  Deobandees, Asharees, Maturidees, Muslim boy bands, Muslim comedians, etc.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone…


5 Responses to “been a while…”

  1. islam blog said

    Welcome back.

    Very nice to read a post from thee so early in the morning (where I’m at). And I share every bit of your resentment.

    Back to work now….

  2. abu abdullah said

    welcome back

  3. abu ismaeel said

    nahh post some more stuff bruv so what

  4. salaam’alaykum

    lol hilarious…..

    ur crazy yooo


  5. I'm not telling for a good reason said

    Look I understand your sentiment I do. And I understand that people swear they do. And the fact is, occasionally in life Allah may bring me to somebody who is 100% in line with my views or almost so. “Where your kifiyeh day” to protest dunkin donuts? Keller/Rabbani brand of sufism? I hate it…..but you don’t get anywhere by saying the right thing the wrong way.

    Didn’t the Prophet(PBUH) say something like no time comes without the next being worse?

    You and I are being tested like this. I know it can be frustrating-by God I know it can be so frustrating but think about this-it is, definitely something enraging when Muslims start messing their religion up when everything we’ve been given is just so perfect-God has pretty much handed us everything and we still mess up-but don’t you think Allah is testing you by this? Look-it’s true that even if you don’t swear in your blog people will not listen to the truth they won’t accept what is true except for a few. But guess what? Is your goal to perfect the Muslim Ummah? NO-it’s to try to get that nice reward from God. The Highest rank in Jannah, the greatest of what you know and don’t know in the hereafter and to be of those whom Allah loves most. So don’t give up, never give up because they will die and you will die and simply because they decide to mess up, the make the unlawful lawful and vice versa only means that they lose. It’s not as if Muslims who do mutah are somehow at an advantage-it’s their loss and your gain because of your patience and striving. So don’t give up, ever give up. If innovation spreads and zina among Muslims and Muslimah spreads and all bad things spread even though you have clearly warned them-your gain, your gain, your gain and you can tell God if He decides to ask on the Day of Judgement-you can tell Him you did what you could. I realize now this post was 3 years ago but I’m telling you anyways-don’t give up until you inevitable win. Do mujahideen ever lose? Did any Messenger or Prophet ever lose ever? In the end victory is for those who serve Allah.

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