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a question…

Posted by abu ameerah on Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why is it the case that if Muslims (or anyone from the Middle East) are involved in a bombing/attack of some sort…the media rushes to the conclusion that such an attack is a nefarious terrorist plot…however…when it happens in Mexico it is merely an act of “sabotage”???


4 Responses to “a question…”

  1. MR said

    cuz the media sucks

  2. jonolan said

    I believe it’s partially media sensationalism – face it “Terrorism” sells. There’s also a certain difference in choice of targets and whether or not the perpetrators take credit for their actions as part of disseminating their views / manifesto.

    Of course there’s also the political issue of describing the “rebels” in Mexico as terrorists. Many of them might be hiding illegally in the US between strikes at that would be a bit of a gaff if we described them as torrorists!

  3. @ Jonolan:

    I was kinda thinking about the insurgency in Iraq. There are indigenous groups (in Iraq) – who either are not affiliated or are “loosely affiliated” with foreign militant groups – yet when they attack or try to sabotage their own oil pipelines … they immediately get slapped with “terrorist” label.

  4. jonolan said

    That goes back to my media sensationalism point 😦

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