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investing the wrong way…

Posted by abu ameerah on Thursday, August 23, 2007

I am all for economic growth and development…but I have to ask…

Since when were we (Muslims) allowed to invest in casinos? What’s next…majority stock ownership of Anheuser-Busch?


3 Responses to “investing the wrong way…”

  1. ajsuhail said

    I am not surprised at all.I have been to Dubai on numerous occasions and have seen the licentiousness on display there.All they want to do is make money;they care little about the Akhirah.

  2. MR said

    Maybe Dubai World is owned by non-Muslims.

  3. @ RYDER:

    “Maybe Dubai World is owned by non-Muslims.”

    -Either you’re making takfeer of the owners (of Dubai World) or you’re simply uninformed. I’m guessing its the uninformed part…

    The company, Dubai World, is entirely owned by the Government of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It was founded by the ruler of Dubai…

    The last time I checked…the ruler of Dubai was still a Muslim (or at least one in a very very very general sense).

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