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Mercenaries for Hire … America’s War of Shadows

Posted by abu ameerah on Thursday, August 2, 2007

Much has been written over the past 4+ years with regard to the role that civilian contractors (aka “Mercs” or “Guns-for-Hire”) are playing in Iraq. The continued use and reliance on civilian contractors in Iraq has raised a number of legal and ethical questions for all of those who have investigated allegations of murder, fraud, and abuse by contractors. This article looks at the role of Blackwater in America’s war of shadows

Civilian Military Contractors … Mercenaries … Guns-for-Hire … Private Security … The Coalition of the Billing …




9 Responses to “Mercenaries for Hire … America’s War of Shadows”

  1. daredevil92103 said

    america has been using merks for a long time, and it’s crazy how little americans know about it. i posted two articles on blackwater a while back, and it seemed like nobody knew who the were. we used alot of this kind of stuff in latin america, that’s kind of where we experimented on our low intensity conflict doctrines and worked on theories of empire, i guess you could say. i heard that the second largest number of troops in Iraq right now are our latin american mercs, and these guys are brutal. then, you have blackwater. these are ex-navy seals, delta, special forces, s.w.a.t., the best of the best. blackwater i heard even got sent down south to where hurricane katrina hit. i really feel bad, because i think the U.S. is just up to the same old stuff. keep the middle east in conflict, and capitalize on the resources. oil. i hate to sound un-patriotic, because i’m not. i love america. it’s where i was born. i would die defending it. but i dont like the government that much. i pray for the troops, and the people in iraq, every night. i disagree with the war, but the troops over there in the military, i’m sure they would rather be home with their families. now as for mercs, they fight for different reasons. some for money, others for their country. sorry i rambled on for so long.

  2. @ Daredevil:

    “sorry i rambled on for so long.”

    No problem. Thanks for commenting…

  3. daredevil92103 said

    i always feel like i’m rambling.

  4. lol … me too


  5. daredevil92103 said

    at least i’m not alone! 🙂
    you know, the western media has, in my opinion, not only given the wrong impressions about the middle east, they have de-humanized arabs by making two false assumptions.
    1.) that only arabs are muslim.
    2.) that all muslims are terrorists.
    this bothers me, SICKENS me, actually.
    I dont claim to know much about islam. but i know, just from talking to people on blogs, and friends that i have known from the middle-east, who weren’t muslim, to know that this image has caused a lot of innocent people to die. Every night, i pray with my daughter. the only thing in this world that means much to me. i pray for her, and for all the children of the world, and for the soldiers on both sides of this war. and i pray to be forgiven for what my country has done wrong. and pray for the countries and the people who have done wrong things too. i pray for the future.

  6. I’ve been thinking about this and I was wondering–is it halaal for Muslims to form something similar? Not to blindly work for a rich master but for example to persuade Saudi to work for them as merks in war-torn Muslim zones to establish some peace? Interesting stuff…

  7. @ Dawud Israel:

    You bring up an interesting idea. However, I think that most Western governments — not to mention Muslim governments — tend to (unfortunately) become quite squeamish at very thought of Muslims with guns trying to “establish some peace”…

    I think this is simply the sad reality of the world in which live. It is okay, and even encouraged, for Americans to privatize warfare (no matter what the legal ramifications are of such a process). Yet Muslims (particularly those who are practicing) are not even allowed to obtain the most basic tools of self defense. Consider the threat posed by rock wielding Palestinian children. If you gave these kids sledgehammers, for example, the IDF would be “forced” to call in an airstrike.

    An all Muslim “Peace-Force” … I wish.

  8. daredevil92103 said

    that is because the media and others de-humanize muslims. it makes me mad. i’m reading a book called the fateful triangle by noam chomsky. it really has opened my eyes to the reality that i, as an american wasn’t told about by the media. i mean, no offense to muslims or arabs, but i remember that before i really started looking into this stuff, i didn’t really judge much, but one time i was in a store and this guy started yelling in another language, and i was scared. the guy was yelling for his brother. but from the image we are shown, israel is great, the U.S. does no wrong, etc. now i see through this, and i’m trying to help everyone i know to see through this. this is what the nazis did. right now i’m reading about where israel went into lebanon. it makes me want to cry. my country funded this stuff. i love america, i was born here. but i don’t agree with our foriegn policy at all. and now, the media is equating dissent with potential terrorist. another nazi tactic. literally straight out of goebbels playbook from nazi propaganda.

  9. sandrar said

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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