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Sex Ed 101…

Posted by abu ameerah on Tuesday, June 26, 2007


What? Did someone say SEX? Who’s talking about SEX? Are you talking about SEX? I wasn’t talking about SEX! No Sir. Not Me. Well, they’re talkin’ about SEX over at Muslim Matters…why not give this rather interesting and thought provoking article a look-see. You know you want to… : )


I think the article and the issues that the articles raises are quite cogent — especially considering the times in which we live. However, I would also like to see the discussion broadened a bit. I would like to see Muslim parents talking with their hormonally out-of-whack teenagers about issues like homosexuality as well. Confronting the issue of homosexuality, particularly in the West where it seems to flourish, is important.

That also leads me off topic, somewhat, to the very real and planned emasculation of the male persona in the West. While telling our children that it’s okay to cry, play with Barbie Dolls, and that Home-Ec is for both boys and girls — we kinda went overboard in the West and turned our sons into our daughters. Muslim parents have got to get real and start dealing with this (and all related) faggotry. There is simply no other option.

Let’s not forget the issue of dating — a whole new can of worms we must confront as Muslim parents. The fact of the matter is that Muslim youth date. I don’t care what form it comes in … a group-study meeting … hanging out with friends in the food court … chillin’ on the quad with my peeps … whatever. When you’ve got mixed gender gatherings in unique social settings — that counts as a date in my book. The reality is that warm glances are being traded … phone numbers are being exchanged … emails addresses are hurriedly being jotted down — and nobody is studying for the upcoming exam (unless of course the exam is on human anatomy).

To be quite honest…it is my belief that the parents of many Muslim youth today simply don’t care much about what their kids do — as long as the A’s come rollin’ in.  Many parents are willing to overlook a whole lot as long as young Ahmad or little Asma are on the honor roll.  Add to that, a culture the commercializes sex and makes it a punchline for everything and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster.   Now why couldn’t anyone teach me about that in Home-Ec ?




5 Responses to “Sex Ed 101…”

  1. Good pot Abu Ameerah!

  2. whispering_soul said

    I think that when our parents were young ,they did not face the promiscuity-promoting media. So , they did not feel the same temptation as we face now. So , they might misunderstand the present situation and think that their young children can easily delay the marriage.

    So , one solution is that Imams should advise the people during Jummah Kutbah about the
    importance of early marriage.

  3. @ Whispering_soul …

    I think that Islamic organizations need to take a more aggressive approach on this issue. Promoting early marriage is one possible alternative for our youth … I just think that we need to scare them from time to time as well. Tell them about the devastating reality of AIDS/HIV for example.

  4. Kay said

    I really love this picture! I’m writing a book and would like to use this picture in it. Could you please email me so that we can discuss if this is something you would be willing to give permission to use?

    Thank you for your time!



  5. mpescatori said

    Hello all.

    One proviso before you criticize what I am about to say.
    I am European, Italian (so, much more old-fashioned than the northern anglosaxons), Catholic (much more conservative than the Protestants) and married to a Christian Lebanese – so I feel very much at home when reading about some issues, worries and points of view.

    Whispering_Soul proposes early marriages.
    This may be an interesting solution in an agricultural society, where relatively little schooling may be apparently required (in modern day agriculture, things can get so complicated you will think you’ll need a chemistry degree just to use some pesticides!)
    However, in today’s highly technological society, the more education, the better.
    Marriage at 18+16 (him&her) will mean that he will quite possibly have to work at such an early age, and that she may well be looking at motherhood before she has even achieved maturity.
    I know; my mother married at 20 (in 1959) and when in my teens I often heard her nagging to her mother she was made to marry too young.
    In today’s society, I see nothing wrong for a young lady to achieve university education, have a career… morality has little to do with career, the first is taught by the parents and their good example, the latter is achieved through education.

    Abu Ameerah suggests “scaring with tales about HIV-AIDS”.
    I’m sorry, that won’t work at all. The hard evidence is in Black (Sub-Saharan) Africa, where in some places HIV is endemic to such proportions that over 50% of babies are born HIV positive…

    One possible solution might be that of more openness with our children; my one and only son is 11, close to 12, and is already starting to change his orientation as to TV programs.
    Cartoons are fading out to shows like cowboys etc., where the two sexes have clear social roles.

    This has nothing to do with religion, really. God (whichever way you wish to call Him) created Mankind, and decided, in His Wisdom, that young boys will mature and slowly develop preferences, urges, feelings.
    It is a part of maturing, of growing up. It is a slow process and it happens in the very same way wherever we go in the world.

    We go to great lengths to make sure our children learn all about literature, mathematics, arts, and then we shy away from teaching them about their own selves and their bodies, and about “how to get on with the girls (and the girls to the boys)

    If we could achieve a little more openness, less “taboo”, more guidance to our children on how to socialize while still keeping decent social and moral standards, we would have achieved a great deal indeed.

    My warmest wishes to you all.

    Maurizio “Moris abu Lorens” – Rome, italy

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