Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah

the empire strikes back…

an eventful Sunday?

Posted by abu ameerah on Monday, June 25, 2007

Yesterday was a rather eventful day, I think. I did things, I think. I got things accomplished, I think. Let’s see, hmmm…

  1. I went to a class this morning…
  2. I got gas in the car & had the tires rotated. No, actually I really wanted to get that done — but I didn’t.
  3. I got a haircut, finally! This was a somewhat positive experience. The barber recognized me, I think, and treated me like a normal customer. I miss just being a normal customer. My Father goes to the same barber from time to time — so the barber (who is also the owner of this particular establishment) made the connection. He commented that I apparently have “coarse hair.” I mean…I am starting to lose my hair go bald…but I don’t think that my hair follicles are in any way/shape/form — coarse. Anyway, the reason I brought up the whole normal customer thing is that the last few years have been shall we say difficult damned frustrating when it comes to me as a consumer. Basically, I go to a store and either get no service whatsoever, based on my appearance, or the snooty sales associate behind the cash register assumes that I can’t speak english — so comments of varying degrees of offense are thrown around left and right.  All this while I stand in the checkout line.
  4. Reviewed what I learned in class this morning. No, once again. However, I thought about studying and as we all know – “It’s the thought that counts…”
  5. Organized my books and the bookshelf area. A big NO to that as well. My heart was in it though.
  6. Was invited to a brother’s bunny rabbit’s home for a special BBQ! Mashallah, it was very nice to sit under the trees and just enjoy the outdoors. Ah, the simple pleasures of life. JazakallahKhair Cute Bunny for having us over for dinner!
  7. Saw friends/brothers that I hadn’t seen in quite a while.
  8. Ate Egyptian-style cuisine.
  9. Prayed at Dar al Hijrah.
  10. Drove home.



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