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the empire strikes back…

A new arms race? We should stop Putin up with this guy!

Posted by abu ameerah on Sunday, June 3, 2007


So, the President’s boy…his man-in-the-Kremlin…Vladimir “Stalin wasn’t so bad” Putin is trying to start another arms race is he? Wait a minute. Did you just say ARMS RACE? Yes, indeed. It seems that on the eve of the G8 Summit Mr. Putin just had to get some things off his chest. I mean, why hold it in? If you want to vent — just let if loose. In particular…it’s NUKE TIME baby! In “don’t mess with Texas” fashion Putin has announced that he plans on aiming nuclear missles at specific European targets should the United States install a ballistic missle shield in eastern Europe.

Putin’s words should definately be cause for concern — at least for the Whitehouse. Putin, a former KGB Agent and Communist Party Apparatchik, has gone out of his way to consolidate political and economic power in Russia and has dealt with perceived enemies with a vengeance (let us not forget the murder of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko that had all the makings of Tom Clancy novel).

Putin, like many in Russia, believe in the power of a strong centralized government. Putin & Co. view a strong Kremlin as vital to — and above — all national interests. They believe that a thriving and prosperous Russia can only exist as a result of an increasingly powerful government. Finally, on Human Rights…let’s just say that Putin is a joke. However, it would be a laughing matter if it indeed wasn’t so sad. His war of attrition with rebels in the breakaway Republic of Chechnya has left thousands dead and thousands more among the missing. Mere “collateral damage” for Mr. Putin — the “bandits” as he refers to them would never be given a chance to succeed. Let us also not forget the murder of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko that had all the makings of Tom Clancy novel.

After destroying Grozny, and the very foundations of Human Rights in Russia, what is Putin left with? Well, the Iraq boat has sailed so to speak and he is no longer best buds with the Iranians. Europe (especially Great Britain) is looking at Russia with an increasing eye of contempt…and now he wants to tangle with the United States? What is Putin in search of? I believe that it is relevancy which Putin so desperately longs for. Relevancy in Europe and the rest of world. A relevancy that Russia once held during the Cold War.

With the fall of the Soviet Union and Russia in a state of economic flux throughout the 90’s — Putin is seemingly looking toward a new Russia that will yet again be a leader on the world stage — a new Russia that will yield greater influence in crucial matters of day. In the final analysis, however, I doubt we’ll learn what Putin is in search of with his latest gamble. Ultimately it may be his sanity perhaps.

Read more at: http://www.guardian.co.uk/russia/article/0,,2094839,00.html


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