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picnic fun!

Posted by abu ameerah on Saturday, June 2, 2007

Yeah…so…uh…got back not too long ago from a picnic hosted by a brother and fellow co-worker of mine (who shall remain anonymous). We arrived to the picnic quite late and some guests had already left. However, people were constantly coming and going so I don’t think it mattered so much that we were late.

I saw people that I hadn’t seen in quite some time so that was good. I also got to see ExEx Blogger’s BBQ skills. Man! That guy is quite the chef, mashallah. I mean, he knows how to rotate meat on a grill and everything (note a small dose of sarcasm). At one point I thought he was going to set Picnic Area #1 on fire — but it’s all good. No forest fires, alhamdulillah. Smokey The Bear would have been proud of us.

The gathering was nice and there was loads of fun and merrymaking. A good time was had by all, alhamdulillah. What this occasion did show me, however, was that I need to get out more — especially with my family. I would go out more…it’s just that I’m not that get-up-and-go kind of person. Perhaps I was at one time in my life…or maybe in the not so distant past but these days going out just ain’t my thang if you catch my drift.

Going out with my family often involves some kind of trauma. These days it is usually centered around the fact that we are Muslim in a society that otherwise hates us or views us as completely alien. Nothing will likely change that. No matter how much dawah we make, how much we try to assimilate, and how “white” we sound — people will still turn their heads to gawk and others will continue to pass comments to their friends. That part doesn’t bother me too much. It’s when my wife is openly taunted or verbally harassed by some punk kid who thinks he going to be on American Idol or his aging baby boomer midlife crisis father — that pisses me off.

I have lost count of the time that she has been insulted by customers, store clerks, or random passersby because of her appearance. Just because she dresses in Islamic clothing and wears the niqab she is deemed a worthy target for the ignorant. The interesting thing is that when I’m around — nobody says a damn thing.


3 Responses to “picnic fun!”

  1. That’s true !

  2. Thanks for acertaining my cooking skills.

  3. Salafiya said

    May Allaah reward your wife immensely, Ameen.

    I think it’s worse in your area than it is in mine (for the Muslims). I DO get comments occasionally, but it’s mainly stares. My funniest comment thus far was when I went to Six Flags with a bunch of my friends (just for those who are wondering, I pinned down my niqaab to my khimaar which was pinned down to my abaya so when I went upside down my khimaar or niqaab wouldn’t follow). This little kid said to his mom (with a very scared face), “HEY MOMMY! Look at that scary man!” LOL I spent the next 2 minutes laughing.

    It IS a bit scary though when a sister is alone and someone makes comments. but hasbunAllaahu wa ne’mal wakeel. Don’t let these freaks keep you away from doing what you want. inshaAllaah perhaps we will all be able to practice Islaam freely and live our lives without any interference from the kuffar.

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