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the empire strikes back…

Do polls always lie?

Posted by abu ameerah on Sunday, May 20, 2007


Do you think past U.S. foreign policy was a reason for the 9/11 attacks?



31335 votes




18236 votes

Total: 49571 votes (CNN QuickVote)

Martin: Ron Paul’s 9/11 explanation deserves to be debated

I am no expert on polling data/statistics, however, I believe that a majority of Americans have become sick of U.S. foreign policy and believe that it has become a negative force on the world stage. The recent CNN Quick Vote (above) is illustrative, I think, of this reality. US foreign policy has, over the last few years in particular, become dominated by a small cadre of groups on the right with nothing other than war on thier collective minds. They have no concern over how wreckless or brazen their policies may be seen on the domestic front or world stage for that matter. Call them what you want: NeoCons, Chicken-Hawks, Right-wing extremists, etc. etc.

These folks care nothing for the loss of life in manufactured wars if it means political gains at home. Here are just some the aims/goals of these people:

1. Complete blind support for the state of Israel…

2. Launching wreckless wars using made-up (“faulty”) intelligence when making the case for war…

3. Violating Civil Liberties…

4. Supporting dictatorships and secular-extremists in the Middle East…

5. Framing the current “War on Terror” as a conflict greater than WWII and the Cold War…

the list goes on and on…and I will probably be updating it every so often…


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