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the empire strikes back…

let’s do lunch…

Posted by abu ameerah on Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yesterday is a day that will live on in history as one of the great days in all of Western Civilization. Calendars will be marked, legends will be told, and holidays will be announced. This great day I speak of is not merely a day — it was a lunch. A lunch that will live for all time. This grand occassion was attended by Amad Shaikh (www.muslimmatters.org) and ExEx Blogger (Student of Knowledge Extraordinaire) …not to mention yours truly.

The lunch involved fine Iranian cuisine and lots of friendly chatting. Our time together was short however it wasn’t short on comradery and brotherhood, inshallah. A good time was had by all, alhamdulillah!




6 Responses to “let’s do lunch…”

  1. YUMMY. Yes I want to go to that restaurant again.

  2. amad said


  3. Amad said

    wow… we had the same YUMMY intro word for our comments before we saw each other’s…

    the pleasure was all mine… it was awesome to see good brothers like you up in the ‘difficult’ NE portion of america!

  4. Well akhi…I guess the old adage is true:

    Great Minds Think Alike…


  5. eladepto said

    i’m huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuungry!! ^^

  6. u guys ate SHIA food! la howla wala koowata illa billah

    just kidding hahah

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