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What ExEx Blogger likes to eat…

Posted by abu ameerah on Monday, May 7, 2007

Among the various Chinese, Arab, and Indo-Pak dishes that ExEx Blogger (aka AbdurRahman Chao aka “The Sheikh”) enjoys — his favorite raita (IndoPak yogurt dish) involves a load of shredded cucumbers…mixed in with onions…plain white yogurt slapped on…and some mirch (spice) for flavor.

Please remember this anytime he comes to your home so that the Sheikh enjoys fine culinary cuisine instead of something pathetic like pizza or gyros.


2 Responses to “What ExEx Blogger likes to eat…”

  1. Seeker said

    kinda off topic..but you were tagged by salafiya…

  2. Thanks Seeker…

    Even though I often go to Salafiya’s blog and even read his “Tagged” post — I still did not notice that I had been tagged…

    i’m pathetic.

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