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Outlandish and Urdu Rap?

Posted by abu ameerah on Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh GOD! Now I’ve heard it all…”Urdu Rap”…

What’s next…Nepalese acid-jazz?  This kind of crap is really irritating…  

Here are the misguided ones from Outlandish kickin’ a dope rhyme — or two — in URDU:

**Viewer Discretion Advised: The following contains some music and some highly queer Urdu-Rap lyrical content. I am not an advocate of any kind of music…let alone “Islamic” music. Outlandish and similar groups should never be regarded as nasheed singers/performers.  Instrumentation, retarded lyrics, mixed concerts, and imitating the Kuffar are all Haraam! End of story. Once again Viewer Discretion is advised…







3 Responses to “Outlandish and Urdu Rap?”

  1. anon said

    I don’t think Outlandish was ever regarded as Nasheed singers/performers. Personally, I think their music seems geared to a wider audience (multi religious) than just Muslims and one of the band people is Catholic which helps to push it in that direction even more.
    I’ve never really considered them to be an “Islamic” or “muslim” band regardless of whether they sing about muslims issues from time to time.

    I love the urdu rap actually 🙂 Its sounds kinda cool. Its too bad I have no idea what he’s saying when he does it though.

  2. I see that you have a new blog called Munafiqeen Ryder. Nice. I’m going to make a blog called vasaabiempirestrikesback. What do you think?

  3. i heard about outlandish form my sis….i dotn leik them….arghhhh

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