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slightly annoyed…

Posted by abu ameerah on Sunday, April 22, 2007

uhh, yeah…so…I have been wanting to — for quite some time now — post some pics of my recent overseas trip. I had asked one of my in-laws to email me the pictures that I took during the trip. The pictures themselves were taken on a 5.1 megapixel Sony digital camera. Alhamdulillah, they came out pretty good. Only one or two of the pictures that I actually took were of humans (or extraterrestrials if you count the fact that I was in both pictures).

Anyway, I had been anxiously waiting for the pictures to appear in my email. Last week, I got the news (from my wife – not the in-law who originally agreed to send them to me) that the pictures could not be sent through my email account and so they would be sent to my wife’s email account. Uhhhhhhhh….okay. So, the pictures were finally sent — in bits and pieces of course. All the way at the end of this long — dumb — email were some of the pictures that I had taken. I haven’t even seen all of them and I still don’t know if all of the pictures that I took were even sent.

Okay…tooooo bad for me! No sense in crying over spilled milk. Sour grapes. Get over it! Move on. Yada Yada Yada.

Keep in mind, boys and girls, that I had requested the wife (aka “The General,” aka “El-Presidente,” aka “The Boss” — No, I am not referring to Bruce Springsteen) to forward the pics to my email. Yeah right — like that’s ever gonna happen.

So, the reader can see that I have wanted been longing to post these retarded pictures for a long time now.

To add insult to injury…yesterday…I find out that the pictures (many of which I took and were somewhat personal in nature — nothing haram or queer of course) have already been forwarded by “my better half” to her sister in upstate New York.

Oh God…OH GOD. Why on God’s green Earth does my upstate New York in-law have to see these damn pictures? Why? WHY?

Oh Yeah…I know WHY. The pictures were originally sent — in a giant bundle with other stupid pictures of other family members and in-laws — to EL-Presidente. Oh C’MON MAN!

My personal business has now become fodder — for people I otherwise avoid — and the talk of the town in upstate FREAKING New York. Great! That’s just GREAT!

Now these upstate NY people are probably thinking the following about me:

1. Hmmmm….A vahaaaabee having too much fun by taking dumb pictures…

2. “Ohhhhhhh….Look at what these Vahaaaabee extremists do outside of the Masjid…Astaaaaaaagfirullah…”

3. “My sister married this jackass” ???

4. “Who else can we forward these pictures too…” ????

5. “What an idiot…”

All of this has been a mini-learning experience, of sorts, and I have basically had to swallow my pride (or whats left of it) and come to terms with the following:

1. I am, and will always be, nonexistent when it comes to family members/relatives (in-laws and others). Furthermore, I am also nonexistent at work (which I don’t always mind) — and just about anywhere else I go.

2. If you want something done…DO IT YOUR DAMN SELF. Never depend upon anyone else, especially relatives, to do something for you — even if they give you their word.

3. Beware of what you do on vacation — even if it is 100% halaal.

4. Being quiet and agreeing with everyone all the time only results in one being walked all over.

5. See #1.


4 Responses to “slightly annoyed…”

  1. Al-Hanbali said

    tsk tsk tsk
    YOU vahabee no guud

    its ok to be a dork everyonce in a while.
    dont voreee bruzzer, every thing toight like toigger

  2. Abu Isma'eel said

    roflmao @ vahaaabee

    that is too funny bro..

    So like, I’m thinking 1 of 2 things may happen:

    1. They think ‘vaat?? a vahaabee chillin out? maybe they aint so bad after all’ and realise that us vahabees only scowl thunderously over our untrimmed beards like only 80% of the time, not 99% as previously thought.

    2. they think ‘vaat?? a vahaabee chillin out? bluddy hypocrite.. pretending to be serious and hardcore when – what a sell out – really he’s quite a fun dude actually’ .. (if you look beyond the scowling thunder beard etc)

  3. kharbooza said

    I wouldnt be saying anything negative about my in-laws on my blog if i were you. That just isn’t soo cool..u know what I mean? Unless ofcourse your wife is cool w/ that.

  4. vahabiyya zindabad….sasuraaal murdabad

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