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Willam Chappelle (brother of David Chappelle)

Posted by abu ameerah on Thursday, April 19, 2007

No this ain’t “Rick James b****” … but it appears to be the brother of comedian David Chappelle. Apparently, many members of Chappelle’s family have become Muslim according to this video clip. Does this also include Dave Chappelle himself? I wonder if this is really the case. I thought that I had heard something a while ago about Dave Chappelle becoming Muslim around the time of his widely publicized 3rd season hiatus from his acclaimed Chappelle’s Show. Any ideas?




6 Responses to “Willam Chappelle (brother of David Chappelle)”

  1. hamdy said

    Dave Chappelle is Muslim. I’m 100% sure about that.

  2. Asalaamu alaikum. Yes, I saw him recently being interviewed and he said he is Muslim.

  3. Al-Hanbali said

    Yeah Bro!
    he is Muslim, and his sheikh is in south africa
    I was shocked to know that!

    like the end of my high school years being courupted by the “chappelle show” i laughed a lot though, then he muslim! nastyy ya3ni

  4. Al-Hanbali said

    corrupted *

  5. marshae said

    hes still a great and talented brother i’m impressed to know he is a muslim.

  6. quran said

    He is a muslim.

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