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back to blogging-n-stuff…

Posted by abu ameerah on Thursday, April 12, 2007

Howdy-do Ya’ll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As many of you can tell (the two of you who actually visit this pathetic blog) I’ve been away for a while. Actually I just got back yesterday evening from a brief overseas trip. What a long flight! I’ll have all of the details — and pictures — up shortly. So don’t you cowboys and cowgirls start cryin’… this cowboy is gettin’ back to bloggin’. Yeeeeeeeeee-haw!

Oh yeah…whut-up with this whole Don Imus situation? I barely land in the good-ole USA when I turn on the news and what do I see…Don Imus with his foot in his mouth…again. Is this guy an idiot or what? I believe he made some kind of comment regarding the Rutgers women’s basketball team being “Nappy” and “Ho’s”….ouch!

First of all, allow me to come to the defense of the Rutgers women’s basketball team. They are not…and I repeat…NOT “NAPPY” or in any way/shape/form “Nappy-Headed”. How dare someone come to such an unfair and malicious conclusion. It is plain for all to see that they are, without question, one basketball team that is entirely free of NAPS. That — Mr. Don Imus — is the double truth, Ruth! A team that is 100% Nap-Free. No Nappiness…just pristine healthy hair.

Who are you Don Imus — to question the integrity of anyone’s hair? Haven’t you looked in a mirror recently? Goodness, you look more like a cadaver donated for medical research — rather than a radio talk show host. I mean c’mon man! You look like the monster from the movie Jeepers Creepers!

Here’s video of the “Nappy” comment. **Viewer discretion is advised. If there is sensitive hair in the room…please tell it to leave immediately!**


Here is Don’s record over the past few years. I guess it’s okay to make anti-Arab/Muslim remarks. But hey…don’t you DARE make any “Nappy” hair comments!


Beyond all of the controversy and media hype…I think the final question in all of this should be:

“Don, Why were you watching women’s (college) basketball anyway” ???


7 Responses to “back to blogging-n-stuff…”

  1. madmouser said

    Funny comment…enjoyed your post.

  2. Al-Hanbali said

    salam aleykum…

    Watcho talkin about Hill Billy Beer Belly Boy…

    ehhhhmm ehmm kidding 😛

    seriously i dont get,, what does nappy mean,, and is he refering to ‘sisters’ playing basket ball ?

    welcome back bro

  3. As’Salaamu Alaikum wa’Rahmatullah…

    “Nappy” is a term that has become part of a broader vernacular in the United States. Once, a term used primarily by African-Americans, the term has grown to be a part of popular (pop) culture. The term itself has become infused into various form of popular media including movies and music.

    In the late 1980’s, for example, film director/producer Spike Lee made the term widely known (to white audiences) through his critically acclaimed movies. Therefore, the term “Nappy” came to be widely used by a number of different racial/ethnic groups as well (blacks, whites, latinos, asians etc).

    The term, however, is still primarily used by Blacks/African-Americans & those of a mixed race descent/heritage.

    “Nappy” refers to the condition of one’s hair, particularly someone of African descent, in which the hair forms a number of tight coils (or curls) resulting in the appearance of an unkempt head of hair. The term can also be used (in both a racial & non racial manner) to insult someone of African descent.

    Ex. 1 “Man! …Look at all them NAPS Jason got in his hair”!!!

    Ex. 2 “Yo…Cedric got some Nappy-a** hair” !!!


    So, I hope that explains it a bit. Also, Don Imus was not referring to “sisters” when making his bigoted comments. In this case, he was not insulting Muslims — but he was essentially insulting African-American women (if not African-Americans altogether).

  4. abu abdillah said

    assalamu alaikum

    I actually enjoy your “pathetic” blog,
    Alhamdulillah you got back safely from your trip.

    keep up the good posts,

    if i can get your email, or if you email me that would great, im the old al-huda teacher and br safi assistant.

    assalamu alaikum

    abu abdillah

  5. Abu Abdillah…

    thanks for the comments…

    i know who you are (lol)…

    my email is: thesunnah@gmail.com

  6. abu abdillah said

    assalamu alaikum

    haha, akhee i make myself clear because tehre are like 343434334 abu abdullah’s in the world. its probably the most second common kunya after aboo abdillaah.

    ala kulli haal, inshaAllah i will email you tomorrow, am little busy today.

    assalamu alaikum

    abu abdillah

  7. alhamdulillah good to have you back bro……

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