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I don’t get it…

Posted by abu ameerah on Monday, April 2, 2007

Why do people use the term “Allah-hoo”? I was just doing my usual rounds of the Muslim blogosphere when the term suddenly popped into my head. The term is used by some as a form of dhikr or “devotion” — although I don’t know why — as it has no basis (as a term of devotion) in the authentic traditions (Sunnah) of The Prophet (SAAWS).

I can’t stand it when people say this…it’s Brazen. I hate it. Hate it. The ultimate goal of this kind of practice, using such terminology and the like, is to take the believer out of his/her religion. Basically “Allah hoo” is a tool of Shaytaan to deceive to masses into engaging in some sort of contrived act of worship.

Here is an obsurd justification, of sorts, for using this ridiculous term. The author is more than off his rocker if you ask me. Nothing but “Allah hoo” shirk and kufr.


6 Responses to “I don’t get it…”

  1. abu abdillah said

    BarakAllahu Feek abu ameerah,

    maybe they are not knowing that its a bad thing.

    tell them this isnt from any form of authentic adhkaar

    and then take their sweets from them,

    barakAllahu feek,

    abu abdullah

  2. “and then take their sweets from them…”

    “sweets”…interesting…very interesting…

  3. abu abdillah said

    assalamu alaikum,

    many deviant masajid in Pakistan and in America have some of the best sweets on their Bidah events. just ask if sweets prepared for events that smell of shirk are ok to eat

  4. “and then take their sweets from them…”

    Hmm…it’s like saying, why are were celebrating thanksgiving? We should not celebrate it. OH, BTW, pass the cranberry sauce and could i get another helping of the turkey stuffing please?!

  5. Abu Ameerah, could you take a look at one of the comments on my blog in the entry: Promised Land for Transexuals. I think you would be the best at reasoning with him.

  6. nizam ali said

    let us not be too quick to condemn people.They may have a very good explanation for applying that term.
    What is zikr? It is the remembrance of Allah.
    Don’t say you hate it, try saying I feel uncomfortable with it.
    I grew up with the Indian and Pakistani custom of singing songs in praise of Allah and qaseedas on the Holy Prophet Muhammad.p.b.u.h.
    That custom is rapidly disappearing as the older heads are no longer with us.
    I see these functions are a way of bringing families together and keeping ties of kinship.
    nothing haram goes on. We read qur’an collectively and then make supplication to Allah.People say that is wrong.
    I attend a halaka on thursday nights and we sit and make quiet zikr of Allah. After the sheik talks to us about Allah and His Messenger.p.b.u.h.
    I see no shirk or kufr there.
    I was told that in the masjids there are brothers who after reciting the first rakaat of prayer they stay in jalsa position for a few more seconds and then get up for the second rakaat.
    This is new to me. But I have too much on my plate to worry about him.
    i have to answer to my flock on judgement day, no one else’s.

    Nizam, with all respect

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