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i found this piece somewhat amusing…

Posted by abu ameerah on Monday, April 30, 2007

I recently came across this old BBC.com article and found it somewhat amusing. I think the reader will come away with a few different reactions from reading this. First, I believe that this article is much more than an analysis of fashion trends in Iran or Iranian cultural values. Rather, this article does – in it’s own subtle way – highlight some of the contradictions of the ’79 Revolution.


Allow me to preface all of this by saying that – I am no fan of revolutions. Whether one is discussing the Bolshevik Revolution (1917), The Cultural Revolution (1966-76), The Iranian Revolution (1979), or The Orange Revolution (2004) — I simply don’t trust ’em! Rightly or wrongly revolutions always seem to begin with a tremendous amount of passion and fervor – only to end up becoming an irrelevant crusade in a world of dynamic growth and change. I’m thinking, for example, about the cliched use of the red t-shirt with the Che Guevarra face on it. Cultural elites (actors, athletes, musicians, etc) have helped to turn Guevarra’s image into one of the most widely recognized faces on the planet. All this in a weak attempt to seem hip…fashion conscious…or urban-chic perhaps.

Instead of that image…why not show this one of Guevarra shortly after his capture by Bolivian military forces. Not long after this picture was taken Guevarra was executed. How’s that for a t-shirt image…




In brief…revolutions are dumb…real dumb. People who make a profit out of the misery and carnage of revolutions are dumb. People who wear the t-shirts of iconic revolutionary figures are dumb. I am dumb….

Finally, with all of the rampant shirk and kufr the Iranian Revolution has brought us — Are they really that worried about ties?


Why don’t Iranians wear ties?

The Magazine answers…


The male British captives freed by Iran were pictured in government-issued suits and, like President Ahmadinejad, sported open neck shirts. Does no one in Iran wear a tie? (BBC) Even if without the smiles and waves, the sight of the 15 British sailors and marines released by Iran would have been notable for one thing: their attire.

With the exception of Faye Turney, the only woman to be held, the others sported near identical suits, in sober tones of grey and blue.

The outfits were provided by the Iranian authorities and are identical to suits worn by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Iranians, however, are prohibited from wearing ties in Iran because they contribute to the spreading of western culture, according to the website of the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khameini.


The practice stems from the 1979 Islamic revolution when the monarchy was overthrown and a unique Islamic republic was declared, in which religious clerics – headed by Ayatollah Khomeini – wielded ultimate political control.

Neckties – and bowties – were said to be decadent, un-Islamic and viewed as “symbols of the Cross” and the oppressive West.

Iranians were told to wear “standard Islamic garments” designed to remove ethnic and class distinctions reflected in clothing. Nowadays ties are still frowned on as “the influence of westernisation” on the way Iranians, especially young people, dress.

Ties are “highly politicised clothing” in Iran, says the BBC’s correspondent in Tehran, Frances Harrison.

Nearly all men – particularly government workers – do not wear ties. Because they are not clerics their usual dress consists of suit or trousers and long-sleeved shirts with collars, as championed by President Ahmadinejad.

But while ties are said to be prohibited by the country’s supreme leader, some men wear them very occasionally, says Dr Andrew Newman, senior lecturer in the Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Edinburgh.


Many Westerners who visit Iran also continue to wear ties.

“It depends on the occasion but if I am attending something official in Iran I usually wear a tie,” says Dr Newman.

“No one has ever said anything to me about it. Iranians understand that if I am wearing it at a function it is a sign of respect.”


While dress codes are strict in Iran, the suit and open-necked shirt worn by President Ahmadinejad is to stress openness and approachability, says Dr Newman. “He is a lay person and not a cleric, so wears a suit to show informality,” he says.

The president’s attire has become something of a talking point. At the height of his popularity, his trademark fawn-coloured windcheater – known to some as the Ahmadinejacket – spawned many a mini-trend, with entrepreneurs ordering copies of the garment from China to meet the demand from his supporters.

Whether his love of the open-necked shirt can be credited with starting the recent smart-casual tie-less revolution among some politicians and office workers in the UK is less certain.

**Updated thoughts:    Ahmadinejad is an idiot.  The guy will walk around in a tailored suit and leather shoes…but won’t wear a tie.  He must think that everyday is “casual Friday.”  That’s just retarded.  Apparently the suit is OK…but the tie is Haraam.  Whatever.  This from a guy who only irritates the United States in order to work with them.  Ahmadinejad, despite what many Westerners think, does not represent Muslims (or Islam for that matter) and is only the newest manifestation of Iranian cultural chauvinism.  


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Pure Horserace: War, Terror Aren’t Mixing

Posted by abu ameerah on Thursday, April 26, 2007

(CBS) Despite four years of efforts, is it possible that even President Bush’s own Republican Party remains unsold on the argument that the war in Iraq is a part of the overall war on terror?

Since the very beginning, opponents of the Iraq war have argued that the two are unrelated — despite the president’s insistence that Iraq is a central front in the battle against terrorism. Increasingly, however, it’s apparent that the two aren’t closely linked in the minds of voters. You don’t need polls to demonstrate this growing reality; just look at recent events and behaviors on the presidential campaign trail.

When Sen. John McCain “officially” kicked off his presidential bid on Wednesday, he paid scant attention to his steadfast support for the war in Iraq. When he did briefly touch on it, McCain sounded more apologetic than hopeful, focusing on the acknowledgement of mistakes made and lessons learned.

–All this from a guy who quotes a Beach Boys song to answer a question regarding a possible future military attack against Iran. “Bomb-Bomb-Bomb, Bomb-Bomb-Iran…

Although McCain allowed that “a little progress” is being made as a result of the troop surge he supports, he focused most of his remarks on what has gone wrong. “America should never undertake a war unless we are prepared to do everything necessary to succeed, unless we have a realistic and comprehensive plan for success, and unless all relevant agencies of government are committed to that success,” McCain said. “We did not meet this responsibility initially. And we must never repeat that mistake again.”

–How about if the United States actually goes to war on the premise of the TRUTH? Remeber that? I suppose it disappeared when Bush and Co. come to office.

A bitter rival of President Bush’s during the 2000 presidential contest, McCain has become the 2008 candidate most closely associated with this administration as a result of his embrace of the war. While he has also at times been harshly critical of its conduct, McCain has yet to find a way to shake the Iraq association — which has at times caused him public embarrassment. The Arizona senator still finds himself answering questions about his shopping trip to a Baghdad market.

–“Shopping trip” … sounds like a typical NeoCon load of crap to me. Did he go to IKEA Baghdad or the one in Fallujah?

To top it off, McCain continues to find himself an underdog in the polls (at least nationally. as he performs at or very near the top in key early states). The latest CBS News poll on the race showed him far behind Rudy Giuliani, getting just 25 percent support from GOP primary voters to Giuliani’s 47 percent.

And what is Giuliani’s strength? Why, strength in the face of terrorism of course — a point proven in dramatic fashion over the past day. According to The Politico’s Roger Simon, Giuliani launched a direct attack at Democrats over the war on terrorism in New Hampshire on Tuesday, saying that a GOP loss in 2008 would lengthen that fight. “The Democrats do not understand the full nature and scope of the terrorist war against us,” the former New York City mayor said.

And Democrats responded immediately. Sen. Barack Obama accused Giuliani of turning the threat of terrorism into “the punch line of another political attack,” adding, “America’s mayor should know that when it comes to 9/11 and fighting terrorists, America is united.” In a statement from her campaign, Hillary Clinton said, “there are people right now in the world, not just wishing us harm but actively planning and plotting to cause us harm. If the last six years of the Bush administration have taught us anything, it’s that political rhetoric won’t do anything to quell those threats.”

–I find Barack Hussein Obama to be an annoying public figure. I can’t stand how he panders to the Christian-Right in this country. Barack…are you a Democrat or a moderate Republican in disguise?

From a standpoint of their support for either the war in Iraq or the war on terror, there is little separating these two Republicans other than the public association of McCain with Iraq and Giuliani with terrorism. Both have their problems, past and present, with the traditional Republican base — but for now, Giuliani appears to be the favorite of the party. That, combined with the rapid responses of the two leading Democratic candidates suggests very few voters are connecting Iraq with the war on terrorism these days. Vaughn Ververs

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Outlandish and Urdu Rap?

Posted by abu ameerah on Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh GOD! Now I’ve heard it all…”Urdu Rap”…

What’s next…Nepalese acid-jazz?  This kind of crap is really irritating…  

Here are the misguided ones from Outlandish kickin’ a dope rhyme — or two — in URDU:

**Viewer Discretion Advised: The following contains some music and some highly queer Urdu-Rap lyrical content. I am not an advocate of any kind of music…let alone “Islamic” music. Outlandish and similar groups should never be regarded as nasheed singers/performers.  Instrumentation, retarded lyrics, mixed concerts, and imitating the Kuffar are all Haraam! End of story. Once again Viewer Discretion is advised…






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in the news…

Posted by abu ameerah on Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Somali government, insurgents battle

The United Nations has warned of a looming catastrophe with disease rife among the hungry, exhausted population.

The U.N. food agency said on Tuesday it had struck a deal to get better access to the homeless and hungry and it would try to reach Afgooye. A WFP convoy was turned back earlier this month while en route from Mogadishu to the town where tens of thousands of the displaced are gathered.


Teachers “purify” students with cow urine

Thirsty anyone…?

MUMBAI (Reuters) – Indian teachers sprinkled cow urine on low-caste students to purify them and drive away evil, reports said on Saturday, in a country where millions of people remain oppressed at the bottom of the ancient Hindu caste system.


Tastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Cow urine “purification”…

Well…Hindu’s even drink cow piss…so this ain’t so bad. Some even go as far as to recycle their own piss by collecting it in a bucket and storing for later consumption. Maybe they want it to ferment or something. YUM!




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slightly annoyed…

Posted by abu ameerah on Sunday, April 22, 2007

uhh, yeah…so…I have been wanting to — for quite some time now — post some pics of my recent overseas trip. I had asked one of my in-laws to email me the pictures that I took during the trip. The pictures themselves were taken on a 5.1 megapixel Sony digital camera. Alhamdulillah, they came out pretty good. Only one or two of the pictures that I actually took were of humans (or extraterrestrials if you count the fact that I was in both pictures).

Anyway, I had been anxiously waiting for the pictures to appear in my email. Last week, I got the news (from my wife – not the in-law who originally agreed to send them to me) that the pictures could not be sent through my email account and so they would be sent to my wife’s email account. Uhhhhhhhh….okay. So, the pictures were finally sent — in bits and pieces of course. All the way at the end of this long — dumb — email were some of the pictures that I had taken. I haven’t even seen all of them and I still don’t know if all of the pictures that I took were even sent.

Okay…tooooo bad for me! No sense in crying over spilled milk. Sour grapes. Get over it! Move on. Yada Yada Yada.

Keep in mind, boys and girls, that I had requested the wife (aka “The General,” aka “El-Presidente,” aka “The Boss” — No, I am not referring to Bruce Springsteen) to forward the pics to my email. Yeah right — like that’s ever gonna happen.

So, the reader can see that I have wanted been longing to post these retarded pictures for a long time now.

To add insult to injury…yesterday…I find out that the pictures (many of which I took and were somewhat personal in nature — nothing haram or queer of course) have already been forwarded by “my better half” to her sister in upstate New York.

Oh God…OH GOD. Why on God’s green Earth does my upstate New York in-law have to see these damn pictures? Why? WHY?

Oh Yeah…I know WHY. The pictures were originally sent — in a giant bundle with other stupid pictures of other family members and in-laws — to EL-Presidente. Oh C’MON MAN!

My personal business has now become fodder — for people I otherwise avoid — and the talk of the town in upstate FREAKING New York. Great! That’s just GREAT!

Now these upstate NY people are probably thinking the following about me:

1. Hmmmm….A vahaaaabee having too much fun by taking dumb pictures…

2. “Ohhhhhhh….Look at what these Vahaaaabee extremists do outside of the Masjid…Astaaaaaaagfirullah…”

3. “My sister married this jackass” ???

4. “Who else can we forward these pictures too…” ????

5. “What an idiot…”

All of this has been a mini-learning experience, of sorts, and I have basically had to swallow my pride (or whats left of it) and come to terms with the following:

1. I am, and will always be, nonexistent when it comes to family members/relatives (in-laws and others). Furthermore, I am also nonexistent at work (which I don’t always mind) — and just about anywhere else I go.

2. If you want something done…DO IT YOUR DAMN SELF. Never depend upon anyone else, especially relatives, to do something for you — even if they give you their word.

3. Beware of what you do on vacation — even if it is 100% halaal.

4. Being quiet and agreeing with everyone all the time only results in one being walked all over.

5. See #1.

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Willam Chappelle (brother of David Chappelle)

Posted by abu ameerah on Thursday, April 19, 2007

No this ain’t “Rick James b****” … but it appears to be the brother of comedian David Chappelle. Apparently, many members of Chappelle’s family have become Muslim according to this video clip. Does this also include Dave Chappelle himself? I wonder if this is really the case. I thought that I had heard something a while ago about Dave Chappelle becoming Muslim around the time of his widely publicized 3rd season hiatus from his acclaimed Chappelle’s Show. Any ideas?



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drugs are bad…real bad!

Posted by abu ameerah on Saturday, April 14, 2007

I think that we all can agree that the consumption (and sale) of drugs is a bad thing. Drugs, in all illicit forms, are clearly prohibited in Islam and the penalties for the sale or consumption of drugs is also quite severe in many Muslim countries — according to some Western standards. Anyway, here is a humorous take on drug consumption.

**Viewer discretion is advised** Finally, I am not advocating the viewing of television. These dumb clips are obviously from youtube…I have never seen them before and neither do I watch the “Family Guy” animated sitcom.


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back to blogging-n-stuff…

Posted by abu ameerah on Thursday, April 12, 2007

Howdy-do Ya’ll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As many of you can tell (the two of you who actually visit this pathetic blog) I’ve been away for a while. Actually I just got back yesterday evening from a brief overseas trip. What a long flight! I’ll have all of the details — and pictures — up shortly. So don’t you cowboys and cowgirls start cryin’… this cowboy is gettin’ back to bloggin’. Yeeeeeeeeee-haw!

Oh yeah…whut-up with this whole Don Imus situation? I barely land in the good-ole USA when I turn on the news and what do I see…Don Imus with his foot in his mouth…again. Is this guy an idiot or what? I believe he made some kind of comment regarding the Rutgers women’s basketball team being “Nappy” and “Ho’s”….ouch!

First of all, allow me to come to the defense of the Rutgers women’s basketball team. They are not…and I repeat…NOT “NAPPY” or in any way/shape/form “Nappy-Headed”. How dare someone come to such an unfair and malicious conclusion. It is plain for all to see that they are, without question, one basketball team that is entirely free of NAPS. That — Mr. Don Imus — is the double truth, Ruth! A team that is 100% Nap-Free. No Nappiness…just pristine healthy hair.

Who are you Don Imus — to question the integrity of anyone’s hair? Haven’t you looked in a mirror recently? Goodness, you look more like a cadaver donated for medical research — rather than a radio talk show host. I mean c’mon man! You look like the monster from the movie Jeepers Creepers!

Here’s video of the “Nappy” comment. **Viewer discretion is advised. If there is sensitive hair in the room…please tell it to leave immediately!**


Here is Don’s record over the past few years. I guess it’s okay to make anti-Arab/Muslim remarks. But hey…don’t you DARE make any “Nappy” hair comments!


Beyond all of the controversy and media hype…I think the final question in all of this should be:

“Don, Why were you watching women’s (college) basketball anyway” ???

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I don’t get it…

Posted by abu ameerah on Monday, April 2, 2007

Why do people use the term “Allah-hoo”? I was just doing my usual rounds of the Muslim blogosphere when the term suddenly popped into my head. The term is used by some as a form of dhikr or “devotion” — although I don’t know why — as it has no basis (as a term of devotion) in the authentic traditions (Sunnah) of The Prophet (SAAWS).

I can’t stand it when people say this…it’s Brazen. I hate it. Hate it. The ultimate goal of this kind of practice, using such terminology and the like, is to take the believer out of his/her religion. Basically “Allah hoo” is a tool of Shaytaan to deceive to masses into engaging in some sort of contrived act of worship.

Here is an obsurd justification, of sorts, for using this ridiculous term. The author is more than off his rocker if you ask me. Nothing but “Allah hoo” shirk and kufr.

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