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the empire strikes back…

Sweet vindication for chocolate lovers…

Posted by abu ameerah on Sunday, March 25, 2007

Study: Chocolate improves blood vessel function

Story Highlights

• Test subjects ate 8 ounces of dark chocolate or a placebo each day
• Some of the chocolate contained sugar; some was unsweetened
• Both chocolate groups showed better blood vessel expansion, contraction
• Benefit was greater for unsweetened chocolate than for chocolate with sugar

Sweeeeeeeet! I’ll just take the chocolate as an I.V. drip…I don’t need any of that worthless medicine. Chocolate will take care of everything. Sweet, sweet chocolate…

Even though too much of it might result in the risk of becoming obese or getting diabetes…what-the-hay…at least your blood vessel function will be off the chain!

Read the rest here…

The above study is also supported by an Italian study done two years ago that also mentions some of the health benefits of dark chocolate.


8 Responses to “Sweet vindication for chocolate lovers…”

  1. Oh god…I burst out laughing when you said the I.V. Drip. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Full on chocolate treatment. Why is it because it’s brown?! LOL

  2. anon said

    I remembering being so happy when the first study came out about this. I love dark chocolate. Its kind of interesting, actually, but they say that milk and white chocolates don’t have the same effects. Its only the dark, which is kind of weird.

  3. esSJee said

    excess of everything is bad… and everythign taken in moderation or small amount will help..Allah has not made anything to be useless…

  4. Salafiya said

    I can eat reeces peanut butter cups without feeling bad.

    =0 And almond joys! Oh, the possiblities! (not that I refrained from eating any of that before).

    About white chocolate….it really isn’t chocolate:

    White chocolate is a confection of sugar, cocoa butter, and milk solids. Unlike chocolate, white chocolate contains neither chocolate liquor nor cocoa solids.

  5. Salafiya said


  6. Anon: I agree. A weird mystery indeed.

    EsSjee: Agreed.

    Salafiya: Interesting. Now I have a craving for some white chocolate, though…

  7. Musa Abdul-Aziz Evans said

    HAHaaa~ Al-Salaam Al-ALaykum
    Great posts,JazakAllahKhayr.Also a “massive chocolate lover”(ALL kinds)-to moderation.
    we’ve all got to watch the refined sugar intake.The Aztecs used,and the Mayans still use unsweetened chocolate as a spice for meats,fish,and stews-I tried this,it was good.Chocolate makes a good spice.Nothing beats chocolate in candy form as a comfort food.The health benefits have been known for centuries.

  8. Musa Abdul-Aziz Evans said

    Concerning white chocalte(not really a chocolate~true)which I also love,it has a great flavor and palate feel;cocoa butter also has many health benefits as well.Cocoa butter is great as a salve,like shea butter.

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