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memories…or something like that…

Posted by abu ameerah on Monday, February 26, 2007

I’ve been a bit under the weather the last couple of days and, as a result, I have not be as active with my blog — not that it matters anyway (I seriously doubt that anyone is holding their breath in anticipation for a new post on my blog). I don’t know what it is — maybe it’s because I’m sick or perhaps it’s the fresh snowfall that we’ve had — anyway I’m just in a nostalgic kind of mood. Call me an idiot (not to be taken literally) but I just get a bit sentimental when I think about my childhood and how things were in the past. Life was so simple back then.

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking — “What a Loooooser”!

Anyway, here are some clips that are quite dumb…yet sentimental…and still dumb some more.

I was recently shown this GI Joe cartoon clip and it is so dumb that I can’t seem to get it out of my head. The clip is edited with a Reggae ending.

Nobody Bothers Me…” This is a classic clip of a commercial for Jhoon-Rhee Taekwondo that was seen throughout much of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area in the early 1980’s. This has a brilliantly dumb jingle and it ends with a famous statement:

“Jhoon Rhee means — MIGHT FOR RIGHT!!!




10 Responses to “memories…or something like that…”

  1. Al-Hanbali said


    i like your blog keep going, and dont eat em DOW-nuts 😛

    you get nostaligic about snow, i never seen it !

  2. “you get nostaligic about snow, i never seen it”!

    LOL…thanks for the comment…

  3. asha said

    Hi , came here when I saw your comment “Got any meat” in the other blog?;D I do have some soup with meat in it,find them in my recipe Index.
    Hope you are feeling well now.

  4. Asha: To be quite honest…i usually don’t (okay, never) visit blogs related to food or the Culinary Arts — however, I must say that your blog seems quite interesting.


  5. abu abdullah said

    tahoor inshaAllah.

    I enjoy your blog.

    Barak Allahu feek.

    Abu Abdullah

  6. Abu Abdullah:

    thanks for the kind comments… : )

  7. Poobarellah said

    LOL I remember that cartoon! I get nostalgic like that, also!

  8. Marhaban, Abu.

    You have a funny blog here. Thanks for the comment you left, but I wanted to say that I am sure things are a little better than you let on.


  9. “…but I wanted to say that I am sure things are a little better than you let on.”

    actually i am, for the most part, serious (especially about the whole going bald thing). My parenting skills do indeed suck…and…well…it is possible that my parents at least still like – or tolerate me.

  10. umerremu said

    Jazakallah Khair
    Thanx for the comments

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