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Kids Say The Darndest Things…

Posted by abu ameerah on Thursday, February 22, 2007

A couple of days ago during Social Studies class I had threatened my students with some kind of punishment or weak disciplinary action. I began to gently admonish the class and one student blurts out a statement that is kinda hard to simply play off…if you know what I mean. Here is a pathetic forensic re-creation of how it all went down:

ME: That’s it! You guys don’t seem to want to follow directions…now you all are in deeeeep trouble!

Students: (still chatting at this point and not listening to me)

ME: (in a louder tone) FINE! I guess I’ll just have to tell your mommies and daddies how badly you all are behaving!!!

Students: (finally take notice and an awkward silence follows)

Student Offender A: (in that very milisecond of awkward silence – this student casually blurts out the following in a mocking tone of voice) —

“Yeah…Yeah…I guess the whole world will find out — just like that Anna Nicole Smith thing…”

Well, mind you, these are 9 & 10 year old boys — but I was still a bit shell shocked. My response…

ME: (in a flustered tone)     Uhhh yeah [STUDENT OFFENDER A]…we don’t need to talk about that kind of stuff okay. Please don’t say that again. Just do your work…

I understand that, at the end of the day, kids will still be kids — but still. Okay…well…I think I’ll just go on ahead and blame the media. Why must we be bombarded, day after day, with this nonsensical drama — not to mention the salacious headlines? It’s like “OJ” all over again (without all of the racial tension and white Bronco chases of course).

Modern media obviously has its bottom line and profitability now matters more than journalistic integrity…but Coooooome-On already! Give us a break!

Will you think of the children? THE CHILDREN!



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  1. wow. so cool!

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