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Sh. Yusuf Estes (cont’d)

Posted by abu ameerah on Friday, February 16, 2007


Yusuf Estes is interviewing Br. Abdullah Palmer. A wonderful brother …mashallah…i wish i had the time to do some MMA sparring with him…

alas…i am so out of shape — it’s just sad!


Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips and Yusuf Estes dealing with the issue of the beard.

There’s no escape brothers….no escape….





One Response to “Sh. Yusuf Estes (cont’d)”

  1. Assalaam alaikum ,would like to have da-wa work as my career but do not know how to start ,please write to me and inform me what i need for the procedure.iam curently a kindergarten teacher and married to a shieikh who is now imaam of the victoria masjid in the republic of seychelles as for now i have no job but i would apreciate if given some hints on how to have da-a wa as my new career ma-sslaam

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