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Posted by abu ameerah on Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Here are a few videos of Sh. Yusuf Estes. He is most noted for his websites, CDs, and Dawah lectures around the world. I am always amazed when I have a rare opportunity to meet with him and hear his tales of Dawah in far off places. Even though I don’t live to far away from Sh. Yusuf his schedule is far tooooo busy for any frequent visits. He is rarely home, subhanallah. I mean that — he is literally not home. I have known him to be on the Dawah lecture circuit for some 5 or 6 months at a time — only to come home for 1 day — and then go back to traveling!

When most Muslims are retiring, dusting off the old golf shoes, and playing with grandchildren — Yusuf Estes is doing the opposite. He’s on the road and defying conventional wisdom. Instead of moving to Florida or hiking up the white polyester pants to his torso — he has chosen a life of constant Dawah. Constant Dawah. What a life?! Dawah simply for the sake of Dawah — and not to “get famous” or “get known” as some students of knowledge in the west have been known to quietly whisper to their comrades.

What a concept — Dawah to guide people to Islam — as opposed to Dawah for the purposes of a landing a job with Al-Maghrib Institute or to get recognized as a good speaker so one can control the mic at the local masjid and get to do khutbahs in addition to the proverbial halaqa. Sometimes I think about these issues whenever I reflect upon the current state of Muslims in the west — particularly with regard to our Dawah. I also think about Yusuf Estes, listen to a few of his words, and smile. I smile because, by the Mercy of Allah (azza wa’jall), his teaching and presentation of our Deen is a direct antidote — inshallah — to the nonsense of Muslim speakers (so-called “Scholars”) in the west who directly or indirectly call people to shirk and kufr.

Our dawah has got to be far simpler than all of that, I tell myself.

Yusuf Estes may even be an antidote, if you will, to the writers and bloggers who come up with such tragic headings as “The Rise and Fall of Salafi Dawah”. To be quite honest, those who claim that they are staunch followers of Daw’ah Salafiyyah — and I emphasize the “Daw’ah” part — don’t seem to be makin’ it when they write and publicize such tragic articles!!!!!!

Sometimes i just look around and to want ask: Will the real Da’ees please stand up?
May Allah (awj) reward Sh. Yusuf for all of his Dawah related work in this life and in the hereafter, ameen!


Sh. Yusuf in the UK (above)

Sh. Yusuf putting the smack down on anthropomorphists!

Check out some of his Dawah sites below:







18 Responses to “Yusuf Estes…”

  1. lotaenterprises said

    jazakallahu khayr for this. shaikh yusuf is the man! may Allah(swt) reward him immensely and grant him success in his dawah

  2. As Salaamu alaikum

    MashaAllah he rocks! May Allah grant him Jannat ul Firdous for all his hard works and increase the sincerity amongst da’ees of the Ummah, ameen!

  3. Oh he gave it~
    by the way another arugment is: Creating is harder than moving so of course god can move it.

  4. good point EXEX blogger

  5. ummadam said

    His dawah over here in the Gulf has not gone unrecognised. I have had Arabs sincerely and happily tell me how great they thought he was. With some born Muslims, it reaffirms their faith to see White Americans to not only accept islam, but to invite others to it. He has made non practicing Muslims take a look at themselves, after finding him on Islamic satellite channels. They are usually channel surfing and are stopped and intrigued, so this is dawah to the Muslims as well.

  6. Umm Adam:

    i totally agree.

    Sheikh Yusuf’s Dawah efforts are indeed multifaceted, inshallah.

    On a different note….I really believe that those communities (like a couple here in Northern VA) that have passed up on an opportunity to directly work with Yusuf Estes have truly lost out!

    and Allah knows best

  7. b_n said

    I think your comment regarding the ‘rise and fall of salafi dawah’ show that perhaps you misunderstand the purpose of the series. I think the real stories need to be told. We can’t always hurl things under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen. There are lessons to be learned from social tragedies like that.

  8. 1. I haven’t “misunderstood the series”
    2. I have met the Umar Lee before (we attended the same Dars at one point)
    3. “Real stories” must indeed be told — possibly in a different — less “blame-game” type of manner…
    4. I am not trying to “hurl” things under any rug. I like my rugs vacuumed and dust free.
    5. Life is full of tragedy and Life is indeed tragic. However, we mustn’t lose site of the fact that our beliefs and association with the correct groups supercede the news headlines of the day.

    Finally, I am all for confronting those groups who have fallen upon error (dalalah) — but I am not in favor of stigmatizing or marginalizing the correct groups. And Allah (Azza wa’Jall) knows best…

  9. Umm Salah said

    assalaamu alaikum,

    “Dawah for the purposes of a landing a job with Al-Maghrib Institute or to get recognized as a good speaker so one can control the mic at the local masjid and get to do khutbahs in addition to the proverbial halaqa”

    This is entirely thun, you have no idea what is in the hearts of speakers. Do I personally listen to many US speakers, no, but that doesn’t matter. Until you see something outright it is against islamic adab to attribute any negative intentions to them.

  10. @ Umm Salah:

    1. i was not trying to attack any major scholars or real students of knowledge.
    2. i was not trying to attack al maghrib institute.
    3. i was merely thinking about specific speakers/”students-of-knowledge” who have advised other brother to “get famous” by doing halaqas in order to get “your name out there” – i won’t elaborate much more on that…
    4. also, i think there are a number of speakers – particularly in the west (not al maghrib institute) who are openly calling to that which is false…the examples are faaaaar to many to even get into…
    5. CHILL sister. i think you missed the point that i was trying to make. in essence, i was trying to discuss the issue of:
    DAWAH for the sake of making DAWAH … and DAWAH for the sake of self-aggrandisement (a job, personal attention, or something involving a hidden agenda).

  11. ibn Bilal said

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

    Dawah is for the Sake of Allah alone, Calling to the dean of Allah, To have some sort of an excuse on judgement day. Not for the sake of Dawah.

    There are all kinds of things in society(riba, adultry, drug abuse and the big thing Associating partners with Allah etc.) to be absolved from what your family and the society in general do and have some kind of exucuse with your rubb. That is why you do dawah.

    Dawah is part of being a Muhsin(good doer).

    Dawah is not for the sake of Shahadahs either.

    Being judgemental about other peoples Dawah work who are on the same page but doing differently is not good either.

    If you think something is broken then help fix it. work together with others to overcome it.

    It was sad to see the comment about almaghrib regardless of what you meant by it.

    Things are moving fast in the world. There are court cases coming up regarding media and internet. Soon Iphones will be $200 or less. Maybe in the near future to have a website you will have to not only buy the domain and hosting but pay multiple lisence fees.

    If you are being tolerated living in a non-muslim society be thankful to Allah. things are moving fast.

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah.

  12. @ Ibn Bilal:

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Please respond with coherent thoughts … not your own personal ramblings. That’s for me to do … LOL!

    Anyway Ahh-Kee … i didn’t get the part about the Iphone. I mean, are you interested in purchasing one? I wasn’t because the camera sucked on the phone. Furthermore, I refuse to get swept away in a sea of love for Steve Jobs. He’s rich n’all … but I am still not in love with him or his Iphone. My wife wanted to buy the 16gb model … but I went with a Sony. You should also look into Sony instead.

    Alright, now the the part about “being tolerated living in a non-Muslim society” …. what the h***? Seriously Ahh-Kee … what are you talking about?

    Finally, i reserve the right to talk as much smack as i want about al-Maghrib. It is not the end-all-be-all of Islamic knowledge organizations.

  13. ibn Bilal said

    Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

    My post was about doing dawah.

    Anyway you think the next president will be the fall guy for all things going wrong with this country or they will blame the Muslims?

    -ibn Bilal

  14. Smail said

    why is brother Yussef ok with the USA war on terror in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries ? several videos confirm what I am saying !

  15. @ smail:

    i don’t know…you can ask him. i have never personally heard him show support for any particular military strategy vis-a-vis the US “GWOT” (or any other country for that matter).

  16. yusuf said

    I know this man (yusuf) – at least to some degree, and I will differ with you on a number of points.
    First of all, he does travel as much as 320 days per year (2008), but this seems to me he needs to work a bit “smarter” and not “harder”.
    There are only so many hours in a day, days in a week, weeks in a year. We all have only the same amount of time in an hour, so it appears this man just needs more hours and days to do what others might do in a lessor amount of time.
    Additionally, being away from family, friends and community for such an exaggerated period of time does not automatically mean he is making the best use of his time either. Consider he may just have a problem saying “No” to people who call him 24 hours a day, asking him to come to their masjid grand openings or “Islam Awareness” events at some school.
    Or maybe he is just running away from home, unwilling to face difficulties there.
    Could it be, he only has a very small amount of knowledge in the first place and traveling to a new location every day makes his two or three little speeches and repetitious jokes appear to be bigger than they really are?
    Trust me, after you travel along with this guy for a while, you notice things about him.
    He talks too much when he should be listening.
    He eats too much while he should be fasting.
    He sleeps to much when he should be making ibadah to Allah.
    His Arabic needs a lot of work, and he is forgetting more Quran than he is able to memorize.
    His salat is sloppy and his memory is not what it used to be.
    And he definitely spends way too much time on the Internet (like now – just came back from week long trip to New York and still on computer at 4 AM instead of sleep).

    I have to put up with him, and I have to say he is loving and he cares for others and especially loves Allah above all else no doubt.
    But, he still needs a lot of work.
    Leave Yusuf Estes to those who attack his efforts and put down his work. They are the ones who keep him stiumlated and working harder.
    It would be better to look up to our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as someone to praise and to follow.
    Instead of visiting http://www.YusufEstes.com for his story of Priests and Preachers Enter Islam –
    Visit – http://www.ProphetOfIslam.com for some real inspiring and thought provoking stimulus.
    Either way – he still gets rewards.. (we own both sites).
    Peace dear brothers and sisters, I love you all and pray for you whether I am on the road or occasionally in my home.
    Salam alaykum wa Rahmatuallah, wa Barakatahu,

  17. islamandmuslims said

    I like yusuf estes and zakir naik.Hopefully you can visit my Islamic blog. You can give comments and advice. Thank you


  18. smail said

    I have followed your comments in several videos brother yusuf estes, especially the one on 911 event and that criminal president Bush,
    first let me correct : Fitna is not Terrorism, and your common thoughts with that criminal Bush makes you more compassionate
    with him than with your fellow muslems, now when you said that this earth will not be inherited by muslems I refer you to the very
    koran you were referring us to, and let me tell you this brother yusuf : you are not a mufti to read from the koran and tell us
    what it says, by the way I will recommend you to learn Arabic and double check every single word you say about the history of muslems
    ,you said Morroco, the maghreb was ruled by almurabitin from east to west, and by fatwa coming right away from Damascus ‘Abou Hamad Alghazali’
    they did save Al Andalous at least 3 times, so please brother Yusuf: you can’t be sharing ideas with a nazi criminal who killed 1 Million 500000
    muslems in Iraq and exiled 5 other Millions from their homes then telling us you love muslems !!

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