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totally unrelated to current series on Muharram…

Posted by abu ameerah on Friday, January 26, 2007

Officer charged in Abu Ghraib to be court-martialed

Story Highlights

• Man was only officer to be criminally charged
• He faces court-martial on eight charges, including cruelty and maltreatment
• Officer is reservist from northern Virginia

znn1.gif ap.jpg


Surprise, Surprise! One of the valiant and honorable service members who brutalized prisoners in the Abu Ghraib scandal is from Northern Virginia (NoVa). What a shock! Why, that’s about as shocking as watching grass grow…or turtles mating…or field mice frolicking. All sarcasm and pathetic joking aside — there is no real surprise that this thug is from NoVa. Just drive down I-95 south and you’ll run into a bunch of these flag waving patriotic buffoons near the Dumfries, Stafford, Quantico, Fredricksburg areas, etc.

I often see these G.I. Joe wannabees in the morning as I drive off to work as well. Even if you go further up I-95 north and take a drive through places like Arlington or Alexandria — you still get to see these losers. They parade themselves around like they own this world and everything in it! I used to work with an army reservist — in addition to being a bigoted yokel — he also thought he was God’s gift to women. I always found it amusing when he would try to flirt with female employees and customers only to be immediately rejected. So, I ‘aint the least bit surprised that a military officer from NoVa would be involved and ultimately charged with criminal offenses in the Abu Ghraib scandal.


One Response to “totally unrelated to current series on Muharram…”

  1. “Why, that’s about as shocking as watching grass grow…or turtles mating…or field mice frolicking”


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