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what is friendship exactly?

Posted by abu ameerah on Sunday, January 7, 2007

On Friday, while i was sitting in the so-called Brothers Planning Area at work, i was able to speak with Ali Asad Chandia. Ali, for those who don’t know, is one of the latest victims in America’s “War on Terror” (Ali is currently serving a 15 year sentence on a bogus – to say the least – terrorism conviction). The interesting thing about his call was that i had been thinking about him quite a bit since his imprisonment — but especially over the last couple of days. Actually, i had just recently been returned (by the bums at the US Postal Service) a package that i had sent Ali months ago while he was awaiting transfer from Alexandria detention center or Jail (a very crappy jail with a stupid name on the buildings exterior like “Public Safety Building”) to a Federal prison.

i was happy and somewhat saddened to speak with him. actually, i had no idea what to say and the words simply wouldn’t come forward. Should i say Eid Mubarak? Should i ask him how he was doing or would that sound a bit obtuse? Do i sound like a mean jackass? These were just some of the questions i was asking myself in our brief conversation. i was so surprised to hear from him that i just began to explain how i had sent him the package he wanted but it was lost and then held due to his transfer from Alexandria.

Ali sounded as optimistic and funny as always, mashallah, and i was struck by the strength in his tone (that of a real student of knowledge). He sounded much like — and speaking with him almost felt like — old times except for the difficult realization that when we hang up — one of us would return home to the comfort and privacy of a relatively normal life while the other would return to a cold jail cell…just hoping to survive another day in lock-up. When i think about Ali Asad i think about how much life sucks and how much i hate this world…the reality is…Ali reminds me of how precious life is and how i take what basic “freedom” i have for granted. The ability to pray how i want and whenever i want…..the ability to be with my family….the ability to do as i please….and simply living without the fear of being attacked or harassed by some misfit with gang affiliation and a chip on his shoulder.

By the mercy of Allah (Azza wa’Jall) Ali Asad sounded fine, alhamdulillah.

“As’Salaamu Alaikum…man where did you come from?” I akwardly asked as I took the phone.

“Wa’alaikumus Salaam”! How are you doing”? he said in his usual high-spirited tone.

“Alhamdulillah….but what about you duuuuude”? I asked like a complete idiot.

“Alhamdulillah…..I’m alright….how’s your Dad”? he asked.

“My dad”? He’s okay, alhamdulillah” I said.

We spoke only for a brief while. The whole conversation lasted a couple of minutes — most of which i spent trying to explain myself for not getting him the package he so eagerly asked for months earlier. Then he asked to speak with someone else nearby…i assume Ali’s phone usage time was running short…and that was that — i spoke to Ali….

Authors and journalists have written volumes about how difficult life in prison can be — it can’t be easier if you are a Muslim — especially now days, when guard and prisoner alike hate you. Who do you trust at any point in life? More importantly…who do you trust when you are incarcerated at a Federal prison in some middle-of-nowhere hicksville town surrounded by society’s worst? I simply can’t, and do not want to, fathom it. While a number of Islamic scholars and known figures have been jailed, or even put to death, for their faith — it still can’t be easy to be Ali Asad right now.

It is now that i realize how much i miss brother Ali Asad…not becuase we joked and laughed together…but because he is yet another victim who we will not have the opportunity to learn from or take advice from or simply benefit from. Ali Asad, the members of the so called Virginia Jihad Network, Dr. Ali al Timimi, and a countless number of others in the United States are prizes or victories in the recent “war on terror” prosecutions by the Department of inJustice and other agencies of the US government. Allah (Azza wa’Jall) states in the Qur’an:

Say (to them, O Muhammad SAW): “Then bring a Book from Allah, which is a better guide than these two (the Taurat (Torah) and the Quran), that I may follow it, if you are truthful.”
Surah al Qasas (v. 49-50) But if they answer you not (i.e. do not believe in your doctrine of Islamic Monotheism, nor follow you),then know that they only follow their own lusts. And who is more astray than one who follows his own lusts, without guidance from Allah? Verily Allah guides not the people who are Zalimoon (wrong-doers, disobedient to Allah, and polytheists).

Sheikh ul Islam, Ibn Taymiyyah, once said, ““What can my enemies possibly do to me? My paradise is in my heart; wherever I go it goes with me, insepa­rable from me. For me, prison is a place of (religious) retreat; ex­ecution is my opportunity for martyrdom; and exile from my town is but a chance to travel.”

May Allah (Azza wa’Jall) make our dear brother Ali Asad Chandia, as well as all of the other unjustly imprisoned Muslims, able to follow in the lofty footsteps of Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullah), Ameen. May Allah (awj) strengthen the Imaan of our brothers each and every day of their incarceration, Ameen. May Allah (awj) make the imprisonment of our brothers an expiation and may He hasten their release, Ameen!

Is this the face of a terrorist? Find out more @ http://www.aliasad.org



9 Responses to “what is friendship exactly?”

  1. Wallahi, it’s so sad. We ask Allah to make him strong and patient. May Allah protect his family! Ammeen!

  2. Ameeeeeeen!

  3. AMEEN!
    This totally sickens me, when i read things like this and there is no one to stand up for these brothers and sisters. subhanallah

  4. As’Salaamu Alaikum…

    MUSLIMUNITY: I agree…the least we can do is to sincerely make dua for them and the sisters can at least provide the wives of the incarcerated with friendship & sisterhood.


    abu ameerah

  5. lotaenterprises said

    subhanallah i cant imagine what they go through. i read the book enemy combatant and it really opened my eyes and put things in perspective. may Allah(swt) give him and his family strength

  6. Ameen!

    Allahumah fuqa qayda asraana wa asral Muslimeen, Allahumah fuqa qayda asraana wa asral Muslimeen, Allahumah fuqa qayda asraana wa asral Muslimeen, wa ruddahum ila ahlihim salimeen!


  7. Salafiya said


    SubhanAllaah…reading this post reminded me of another arrest near that area – around this time last year. I cannot recall the brother’s name which is irking me. He was a young brother – do you happen to remember?

    Anyways….may Allaah hasten the release of Br. Ali Asad and all of the Muslims from the shackles of the taghoot, ameen

  8. As’Salaamu Alaikum,

    Actually sister…i don’t recall either. I only remember Ali’s situation (in the DC Metropolitan area) over the last year.


  9. Asalamu alaykum,

    The names that have gone through the Alexandria courthouse are many. Perhaps Salafiya, you were thinking about Ahmed Abu Ali? As I recall he received a 30 year sentence.

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