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Aap key moo mey! (In your face)

Posted by abu ameerah on Monday, December 4, 2006


“I’ve got a splitting headache…”


“Yeah, I know it looks freaky…but at least the chicks will dig it.” 🙂

words of wisdom, Shiites

…not that you or your liberal & reformist supporters would care — I mean you all (shiites, liberals/reformists) are the rejectors of Hadeeth and Divine revelation — but here is something to think about….

Narrated ‘Abdullah (bin Mas’ud):

The Prophet said, “Who-ever slaps his face or tears the bosom of his dress, or calls the calls of the Period of Ignorance, is not from us.” (Sahih BukhariVolume 4, Book 56, Number 721)

Sooooo……you can think about that when you beat yourselves silly in order to commemorate the death of Ali (Radiallahu’anh) or Husayn — or whomever. To see the real “face” of the Shia check this out. It’s about to get bloody — real bloody….




2 Responses to “Aap key moo mey! (In your face)”

  1. Yes, those acts are acts of ignorance!

  2. Ahmaaaadeeeee-ney-jaaaaaad!

    Ayaaaatolaaah Tabatabai-ee-nay-jaaaaaad……..

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